Horseriders Campground

New Prospect Horse Camp is open and reservable through Oct. 29. Campsites will be available first-come, first-served Oct. 29 through Nov. 18, when the campground closes for the season.

Physical Address
W404 County Road SS
Campbellsport, Wisconsin

New Prospect Horse Riders Campground

12 thoughts on “Horseriders Campground”

  1. Having trouble with Reserve America site. Can’t locate New Prospect horse camp to reserve site.

  2. I enquired about camping sites for the end of May and got no response can’t find a phone number to contact you guys so please respond as soon as possible

  3. I’d like to rent a tent site for me and my 2 kids in the equestrian camp for the poker ride June 1, Friday night through Sunday. I have no idea how to go about doing that. We are bringing 3 horses.

  4. When you go to the new site be certain to click “Equestrian” at the top or you will have difficulty.

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