MT. BIKERS vs EQUESTRIANS: An explanation of horses to bikers – written by a biker

Posted November 27, 2014: You have all heard me rant about bikers that seem to have no regard for equestrians.

I’ve had an accident caused by a biker and many near misses since we live in a hilly and curvy landscape…  Hilly and curvy makes for great riding and also many blind and speedy corners.

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Free fun for everyone June 7-8, 2014

Posted March 1, 2014: Wisconsin’s great outdoors is always the ticket to fun with family and friends. On June 7 and 8 it gets even better — it’s free for Wisconsin residents and visitors!

  • Free entry to state parks and forests
  • Free fishing
  • Free DNR trails
  • Free ATV/UTV riding on public trails open to such uses

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Research Update: Ideal Weight Load

Recently, there has been considerable discussion regarding the ideal weight load (rider and tack) of horses and ponies. In a recent study conducted at Kitasato University in Japan, researchers aimed to determine the load capacity of a trotting Taishuh pony by gait analysis using a motion analysis system. Read more


Horseplay allowed

Trail riding and camping with your horse go hand in hoof.

Just like old Western movies where cowboys went on long rides and hitched up their horses at the end of the day, you can enjoy the fun in riding your horse through picturesque terrain while camping overnight with your equine friend.

If you have never been trail riding before, Wisconsin’s state parks and forests have some awesome, scenic routes and camping opportunities for novice and expert horseback riders alike. Giddy up to these prime Wisconsin locations for a day —or two or three —of relaxing trail riding and horse bonding with your family and friends. Read more

“History on the Move” Wagon Train Ride, Reunion and Reenactment June 9-14, 2013

 Posted February, 16, 2012:  Ox Bow Company, Leon, Iowa will be leading the “Military Road Sesquicentennial Wagon Train” Sunday, June 9, 2013 through Friday, June 14, 2013 through the Northern Kettle Moraine State Forest. The ride will begin gathering Sunday June 9th at the Horsemen’s Park in New Prospect, WI. The wagon train will be traveling from Monday, June 10th to Friday June 14th and covering approximately 75 miles total. The wagon train will arrive at its final destination, the Rock-K-Ranch in Greenleaf, WI on Friday June 14th. Participants can disband Friday evening or everyone is welcome to camp until Sunday June 16th.

All interested parties are welcome to attend but as a reunion of the “Military Road Sesquicentennial Wagon Train” and as a wagon train of the “History on the Move” organization, we would like to stay in the re-enactment theme. Wooden wheeled authentic wagons and western historical attire are required for all participants. The wagon train will travel over quiet country roads and trails where there is access, but busy roads and town travel are inevitable. The approximate distance the train travels each day is listed on the daily itinerary.

The day-to-day routine of a trip like this will give participants plenty of time to enjoy their horses and experience history, as well as the outdoors of a Wisconsin summer. The traveling time of the train is approximately six to seven hours per day including lunch stop. This will allow plenty of time to enjoy camping, camaraderie and bonfires each evening. Again thanks for your interest, please read the registration form and rules closely, call with any questions, sign up prior to the deadline and plan on joining us for a great week.

Ox Bow Company is a group of  horsemen/mule men and Teamsters who came together during the 1996-1997 Mormon Trail Sesquicentennial Reenactment who are devoted to preserving and maintaining the integrity of long and short distance trail driving and riding.   Members have experienced trails from 300 to 2000 miles taking from 3 weeks up to 6 months, even crossing international borders. Ox Bow Company Trail Rides 

Wagon Train Entry Form 2013.02.16

Stretching Your Hay Budget

Posted February 8, 2013: Most livestock owners, including horse owners, have noticed that the price of feed (both hay and grain) has increased. There are several key factors that have contributed to these increases, including extreme weather patterns, high oil prices, currency fluctuations, and a surge in global food demand. Full Story

U of M website

Registration open for REINS summer program

Posted February 1, 2013: REINS Therapeutic Riding Program is now accepting pre-registration for its 2013 summer program, which runs from June 10 through Aug. 22. Full Story

Upper Midwest Haylist

Posted December 31, 2012: While several areas in the Midwest states have reduced hay crops as a result of drought conditions, other areas have seen favorable conditions for hay production.  If you are buying or selling, the Haylist could be a useful tool for you.  The Upper Midwest Haylist is a self-service tool that enables buyers and sellers of hay, straw and corn in the U.S. and Canada to announce and search available or needed hay lots and to view haylot summary data. The Upper Midwest Haylist is a cooperative effort of the Extension Services of Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, and South Dakota.  Haylist

Farmer-to-Farmer Site for Corn/Forage

Posted December 31, 2012: With the drought conditions in Southern Wisconsin, horse owners should plan early to purchase supplemental forages. The Farmer to Farmer Hay, Forage and Corn List puts Wisconsin farmers in touch with one another for the purpose of buying and/or selling corn and forage.

Winter Weather Horse Management Tips

Posted December 31, 2012: Are you and your horse ready for winter? Full Story

Winter Weather Worries: Equine Health Issues

Posted December 31, 2012: Here are some important winter horse health tips as we head into winter. Full Story

Winter horseback riding can be fun, but special care is needed

Posted December 30, 2012: It is inevitable. There will be snow, cold and ice. For some horse owners, this means hanging up the saddle and giving the horse some time off. Others forge ahead. With careful preparation, riding in the winter can be enjoyable and safe. Full Story

10 Tips for Horseback Riding Safely in Winter

Posted December 30, 2012: The wintry outdoors beckons both horse lovers and their treasured mounts. What could be more refreshing and reinvigorating for an avid equestrian than a lovely horseback ride in the snow? What steps must equestrianstake to stay safe on winter horseback rides?

Here are ten tips for horseback riding safely in the winter: Full Story

Congress Reauthorizes Recreational Trails Program

Posted December 28, 2012: On June 29, Congress passed and, on July 6, the president signed MAP-21 the multiyear national highway bill. The new law reauthorizes the Federal Highway Administration’s Recreational Trails Program (RTP) and allocates $85 million in annual funding for the program. RTP is important to recreational riders all over the country.Full story: Congress Reauthorizes Recreational Trails Program

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