Poker Ride/Obstacle Course 2017

Poker Ride

Draw five cards. High hand wins.

50% Cash Payback/Top Six Prizes


Navigate 5 obstacles:

  • Backing L
  • Mail Box
  • Rain Slicker
  • Fishing Pole
  • Log Pull


Horse Riders Camp to main trail to Crooked Lake loop back to Horse  Riders Camp.

Poker Ride 2017

4 thoughts on “Poker Ride/Obstacle Course 2017”

  1. Hello! There is a group of us from Skyline Equestrian that want to come ride on June 3. We’d like to enter ahead of the day and pay for lunch as well. Where are the entry forms please?

  2. Hello, trying to register online but not able to pull up the registration form. Is online registration available? Thank you

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